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SAFETRON SL620 is a next generation solenoid lock with split spindle function and a patented hybrid technology. The lock is suitable for use in high frequency security applications such as, perimeter doors, entrance doors, gates and other applications within office, trading and industry premises as well as entrance doors and common areas within residential premises. SL620 is equipped with the following monitoring outputs: bolt- and handle position, door status and cylinder/thumbturn alarm. SL620 is fail secure (PTO) and SL621 is fail safe (PTL).
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SAFETRON hybrid technology SAFETRON SL620 has an patent pending hybrid techonology which enables the bolt position to be adjusted between ASSA connect and classic meaning SL620 can be used in all types of scandinavian type doors without the worry of which strike plate or lock model the door is manufactured for. Split spindle function SAFETRON SL620 has a split spindle function which means the inside handle is always mechanically operated where as the outside handle requires an electric impulse to activate. This function makes the door more user friendly and also eliminates the need for an extra open button on the inside.

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