YALE DOORMAN COMPLETE BAR LOCK Model V2N Multipoint, Silver colored.


Yale doorman bar locks for replacement of FIX and rational / velfac locks.



NOTE this type of lock case is reversible, only 3 screws need to be loosened to turn the trap so therefore the direction of your order does not matter.

We try to get it correct when you order, for example, left or right, but should it slip, only 3 screws need to be loosened.

924786 2150-C473 Alm Venstre 924787 2150-C473 Alm Right 924782 2150-C473 Long Left 924783 2150-C473 Long Right 924784 2150-C470 Left 924785 2150-C470 Right 924792 6151-2620 Rational Left Safety Flasks 924793 6151-2621 Rational Right Safety Flasks 924790 6151-2620 Rational Left 924791 6151-2621 Rational Right 924796 New Rational doors with Modular lock Left 924797 New Rational Doors with Modular Lock Right
  • Silver

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Yale doorman bar locks for replacement of FIX and rational / velfac locks.

Note that it is extremely important that you repaint your door to get the correct size.

for Rationel and Velfac doors, a cover plate must be used to cover the old Cylinder Hole.


If you have problems with your lock, contact your local Yale Doorman Center, you can see a list of these here www.yalelock.dk

RUKO has entered into a contract with all these centers to run the local complaints regardless of where the lock was purchased.

Defects caused by the product are paid for by RUKO A / S.

Defects due to incorrect installation are paid for by the customer.

For more information, please visit this product's webpage.

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