ABUS 64TI / 50

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Different keys for all locks Closing group 6511 High Hanger 80mm Closing group 6511 high bracket 80mm

The housing on the lock 64TI consists, as on all Titalium padlocks, of special aluminum.

This makes the padlock particularly light. The hardened steel bracket with NanoProtect ™ coating can be removed and the length can be adjusted according to the individual conditions. Up to ten different hanger lengths between 60 and 150 millimeters are possible. The 5-pin cylinder with paracentric key profile makes it difficult to open the lock unauthorized with a break-in tool. Therefore, the padlock is optimally suited to protect cupboards, storage rooms, boxes, boxes, gates and other objects of medium size at great value in houses, gardens and halls against unauthorized access.

Product benefits
  • Lightweight and yet robust
  • Hardened steel bracket with NANO PROTECT ™ coating for very high corrosion protection
  • 64TI / 50HB60-150: Removable bracket that can be adjusted in size from 60 mm - 150 mm
  • Double-closing bracket for better protection against breakage
  • From 30 mm double-closing bracket

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Width 50 mm

Distance hanger width 28 mm

Distance bracket height 80 mm

Hanger diameter 8 mm

Height 128 mm

Number of included keys 2 pcs