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Can replace RW ADM SW EXC SQL

SALTO HAMS HOTEL Software is a powerful yet simple to use Hotel Access Control

Management tool.

HAMS can manage a large number of doors. Up to 64,000 doors.

As the access-related information for these doors, rooms, calendars, time zones, etc., is located on the user key, the administration only manages these user keys via updating through HAMS SW.

HAMS can do more than that. Due to the advanced features of the program, HAMS is one of the most user-friendly and efficient access control systems available. Both as a stand-alone access control system, or as a network-based online access control system, gathered on one platform.

After ordering SW, you will receive a license number, which you must use when creating; under Software registration.

Read more about the many HAMS SWs in the attached PDF File

Note: 64,000 doors, of which 16 may be online doors.

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