You buy Ruko padlocks because you want a padlock in a good quality and where spare parts can always be obtained.

You know Ruko´'s padlocks like the ones with the green stripe, did you know what the stripes mean?

  • Green stripe = Approved in Skafor Green (Type 2)
  • Blue stripe = Approved in Skafor Blue (Type 3)
  • Red Stripe = Approved in Skafor Red (Type 4)

The Skafor groups are no longer used as security groups, but they are still a good guideline for the quality and size of the padlock.

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Model: 7030001529
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We are cheap with our RUKO padlocks because we sell large quantities, therefore you are also always welcome to get a good offer from us on your project. Ruko locks are always something we have in stock in large quantities so we can deliver quickly and we can also code your locks the same or according to your key.

Always remember that the bracket is important when you choose the padlock, the locking is not approved without an approved bracket, we recommend PL201-203 , PL200-202 and the large PL205-206 .

If you want more combinations, we will make a Ruko locking set for you.

We are known for our cheap prices and high quality and there is rarely an offer that we can not make cheaper so therefore always contact us before you buy locks home, we guarantee that you get a quick response and that we do everything to be cheapest on the market.

You can now also use your ABUS Cylinders in the RUKO padlocks, today the Snowman which fits in the padlock is a standard cylinder and is available in all types of locking systems.

We stock everything in spare parts for the RUKO padlocks, is there anything you can not find on the website so ask :)