Halvd.paskv 882 Ned (C264)

Model: 41531015
By: Fix
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When the lower door half FIX 882 is closed
(the side pistons in operation, the end piston retracted) can
the upper door half opens (FIX 2152 / FIX 6152).
When the lower door half is to be opened, this is done
by twisting the lower fitting lever up horizontally
position (side pistons retracted, end piston in operation)
the whole door can now be opened and closed with the top
door handle.
When the door is unlocked, the wedge piston and bolt are retracted.
The trap is in operation and holds the door in place
closed position.
The upper door handle is horizontal and pressed
downwards when the door is to be opened.
If the door needs to be locked, do this by twisting the top
door handle upwards.
The wedge pistons come into operation and go out at the last moment.
The locking function is then performed with the key or
The bolt then comes into operation and is now with
the wedge pistons locked.

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