Fix Rod Lock 6151 C990

Model: DA5312615103
By: Fix
Barcode: 9999000401
265.60EUR  Incl. VAT
( 212.48EUR  Excl. VAT )
323.90EUR  Incl. VAT
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The lock case is adapted to the profile cylinder and meets
the requirements of Din 18251, Class 4.
The lock is a fall-bolt lock supplied as standard
with 2 wedge side pistons.
Can be delivered with 2 side pistons of the type hardened
garden piston (FIX 6026).
Edge rail 25 x 2 mm with horizontal drawbar
and screw holes located in the center of the edge rail.
Finishing glossy galvanized or yellow chromated.
Mandrel size 55 mm.
Locking depth 72 mm.
Center distance (handle - cylinder) 72 mm.
Center distance (rosettes) 38 mm.
Can be ordered in special sizes according to own drawing.
Right or left is given when ordering.
As a standard end plate, piston plate FIX 5145 is used
as well as one of the following drop-bolt plates FIX 4020 / BODA 4020
S / FIX 3750.
Can be delivered with an extra bolt lock box FIX 6074.
This lock case works independently of the lower one
lock case and aims to provide extra security
for example. warehouse, business doors or doors where large
security is desired