FIX Brake 160/4 Op (v)

Model: CA41544557
By: Fix
Barcode: 41544557
45.69EUR  Incl. VAT
( 36.55EUR  Excl. VAT )
55.72EUR  Incl. VAT
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Friction brake 160. Steel, electric galv.

For Fix fittings with 20mm or 25mm edge rail, for loose frame bracket for decoupling.

For frame widths over 400mm.

For inward and outward doors where there is a brake transmission at the top, use 1 brake in the left (up).

For top-hung windows where there is a break with brake transfer at both ends, use 1 brake in the right (down) and 1 brake in the left (up). When operating the fitting lever, the frame will have clearance in the open position, and in the locked position the frame will be kept in the desired ventilation position. Milling dimensions for the brake housing are 12mm in depth and 20mm in width. The brake in the picture is a left / up.



  • Surface treatment

  • Length mm

  • Width mm

  • Arm length mm

  • Rail length etc.

  • Frame width etc.

  • Screw diameter frame part etc.

  • Screw diameter frame part etc.

  • 3.5

  • Code

    160-4 V = OP

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