RUKO CODE HANDLE 7812, Swivel windows

By: Ruko
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Mat Chrome White
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For inward-facing patio doors and balcony doors, inward-facing windows and patio doors / windows with turning / tilting function.



A built-in keyboard can be coded so that the handle is locked in the locked position. The handle can be locked in 90 degree and 180 degree position. Up to 5 different user codes. When locking, press the red "lock" button, when opening, enter a 6-digit code. Comes with factory code that can be easily changed by the user. The code is remembered during battery change.


Lockable handle for internal mounting. Comes with 7 x 7 mm stick, 8 x 8 mm adapter, screws and batteries. 2 pcs. AAA batteries provide approx. 100,000 operations before battery replacement. Red LED indicates low battery voltage when there are approx. 500 operations left.

Comes with both 7 and 8 mm stick.

Delivered in Kombi so you can use the same handle for both right and left doors.


Matte chrome or white, complete with screws and batteries.

Supplied with Danish installation and use instructions

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