Master Lock round padlock Excell stainless steel 70 mm

Model: DA1645506095
Barcode: 3520190940773
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Expected in stock again 10/02 2021

This round Discus padlock from Master Lock is ideal for protecting storage units, garages, storage cabinets or moving cars.


This round padlock consists of a wide body in stainless steel which provides strength, reliability and corrosion and weather resistance as well as an octagonal hanger. The bracket is made of boron carbide, which is 50% harder than hardened steel, which makes it very cutting and sawing resistant. There is also a reinforced shock absorber around the body against scratches.


You can set your own four-digit code so that no key is needed. The code can only be changed using the included reset key, which provides increased security.


Color: Silver and black

  • Material: Stainless steel and boron carbide
  • Body width: 70 mm
  • Hanger dimensions (see picture): A: 9 mm, W: 16 mm, C: 24 mm
  • Security level: 8
  • Strong, durable and wide body
  • Design with shielding
  • Reinforced shock absorber on the body
  • Set your own 4-digit security code
  • Including 1 reset key
  • Ideal for general outdoor use

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