MVR 7000 key box - 76 mm

The key box series is ideal for use by Alarm companies, Fire brigade, Home care, Transport and Supplier companies, Service companies, Renovation companies and others in need of special security measures.

The key box can be easily and quickly mounted on everything from brick walls and other cavity walls to wooden walls, thin facade walls, concrete walls and wooden and aluminum doors.

Ruko Oval


Lock cylinder type:
Ruko lock cylinder type 1660 or equivalent

iLOQ lock cylinder type C10S.1 for key box MVR70100076 (remember iLOQ mounting kit MVR70100077)

MVR70100001: H 116mm x W 80mm x D 59mm
MVR70100076: H 116mm x W 80mm x D 76mm (space for credit card)

Stainless steel (surface lacquered)

Price Dkr

You save: 430,42
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Model: DA1652000442
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