Dorma Magnetic Lock DEL7101

Dorma Magnetic Lock DEL7101

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Dorma Magnetic lock DEL7101 Falling magnetic lock with continuous falling tube and built-in door detector status.

For locking interior and exterior doors in office buildings, apartments and detached houses.

PART 7101 is delivered inverted (electrically locked) and inverted (electrically locked open). Can be converted from reverse to right-facing and from right-handed to reverse by replacing the coil. Technical specifications: - Reversible trap (H / V) -

Thorn 50 mm. Depth 64 mm. -

Center distance 105 mm. -

Post 22x203 mm. -

Operating voltage 12 - 24 V AC / DC -

Power consumption 200 mA at activation and 65 mA at rest -

Indication of fall location. -

Indication of interlocking. -

Interchangeable post (Sym - O sym)

Som RUKO EL582

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