Abloy Magnetic Lock EL 460

Abloy Magnetic Lock EL 460
Application Fall and bolt lock for narrow profile wood and metal doors. Function Trap and bolt can be pulled into the lock case with external door handle when the power is connected / disconnected. The lock can always be opened with a door handle from the inside.
The lock is mounted with a DIN-profile cylinder.
Technical data Power supply 12 (-10%) - 24VDC (15%) Power consumption: 12VDC = 0.13A 24VDC = 0.065A Temperature range: -20C ... + 60C. Square hole for door handle 9x9 mm Potential-free output for indication of: Latch in locked position Handle activated / deactivated Accessories End plate EA321 End plate EA322 End plate EA323 End plate EA324 Connection cable EA218, EA219 Safety hose signs, SSF or Vds-approved. S413

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