in the LOQ S5 - the key to intelligent property unlocking

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Model: IL-A00.17
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Model: IL-A00.2
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Model: IL-A10.57
Model: IL-C10S.10.SB.SE
Model: IL-C50S.111.SD.SE
Model: IL-C50S.121.SD.SE
Model: IL-C5S.1.SB.SE
Model: IL-C5S.10.SB.SE
Model: IL-D50S.111.SD
Model: IL-D50S.121.SD
Model: IL-D5S.100.SB
Model: IL-E10.AB1.ZC
Model: IL-H50S.311.25.SD
Model: IL-H50S.431.28.HC
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Model: IL-K5S.3
Model: IL-N500
Model: IL-N501
Model: IL-N502
Model: IL-N504I
Model: IL-N505I
Model: IL-P55S.1
Model: IL-TT.B6.ZC

Almost 20 years ago, the innovative Finnish locksmith company - iLOQ - took a big step forward.

It was the first company to move away from mechanical locking and became a leader in the development of systems with self-propelled locks and access control. Over 2 million keys and 1 million cylinders have been delivered to date.

With the launch of the iLOQ S5, the company is now taking advantage of the opportunities offered by digitization and the “Internet on things” to further improve security, minimize administration and reduce the cost of the solution's life.

Battery-free solution

iLOQ S5 is a battery- and cable-free solution just like iLOQ's other digital and mobile locking systems.

The power to be used to confirm access rights and unlock is generated by inserting the key into the lock. The more keys and locks your property has, the more you save. In large systems, this could potentially mean a saving of several million euros in acquisition and maintenance costs over the life of the locking system. iLOQ's self-propelled solutions also have built-in sustainability. In 2019 alone, they eliminate 27,000 kg of battery waste and, compared to mechanical locking solutions, 7000 kg of metal waste.

More intelligent and simple access control

As with all iLOQ solutions, access rights can be created easily and securely via remote control and adjusted or revoked using the iLOQ Manager software.

What sets the iLOQ S5 Digital Lock System apart from other systems is that it enables communication between the readers, keys, and locks of a building. Information such as access rights, revision tracks, time limits and lists of blocked keys are quickly shared between the devices before the door is unlocked, without the need to equip all the doors with cables or batteries. The advanced iLOQ S5 solution makes access control faster and simpler than ever before.

Access control with remote control

iLOQ S5 can be expanded using iLOQ Online, which provides fast and easy-to-use access control with remote control of the locking system.

The solution can be used for access points with a single door or as a wired solution for several doors. You can add remote-controlled lock cylinders, readers or time-controlled electronic doors and manage the administration from a single system.

Comprehensive integration with data and services

iLOQ S5's standard, open API (Application Programming Interface), enables integration with modern information sharing and reservation systems as well as customer staff databases. This is convenient in many contexts, for example, reservation of common areas can be updated using touch screens on site or in mobile apps and shared with the iLOQ S5 key.

iLOQ S5 Series - the complete access sharing solution

The iLOQ S5 digital locking system is part of the scalable and flexible iLOQ S5 series.

Customers can use the digital key-based iLOQ S5 solution, the mobile iLOQ S50 solution or a combination of the two. The same system can now include a variety of devices, including iLOQ S5 digital keys, iLOQ S50 digital keys, RFID tags, and a Bluetooth phone with NFC technology or PIN. The iLOQ S5 series is fully scalable, depending on the customer's needs, making it ideal for a single building or for many areas or properties spread over a large area with thousands of locks.

“A solution that meets all access control needs in all markets in Europe and Asia - now from one company.

The new features and benefits of the next generation of iLOQ S5 give building owners, administrators and key holders high security and unique user-friendly access control combined with competitive costs over the life of the solution and huge savings, ”says iLOQ's CEO, Heikki Hiltunen.

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