Geze Ts 4000 with arm

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1-6 5-7

Door closer with arm, stepless variable closing force, closing speed, opening damping and final pressure. All functions adjustable from the front. Optical indicator for spring force setting. Strength 1-6 and 5-7 according to DS / EN 1154 (wing width up to 1600 mm) Approved for fire doors

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Rack door closer with hydraulic opening damping

On the TS 4000 door closer, the closing force can be adjusted from the front, which together with the optical strength indicator makes adjustment and adjustment simple and time-saving. The opening damping as well as the thermostabilized closing speed can also be infinitely adjusted from the front of the shutter.


Product characteristics

  • Door closer TS 4000 with arm system for doors with a width of up to 1400 or 1600 mm
  • The closing force can be set steplessly according to EN 1-6 or EN 5-7
  • Closing speed steplessly adjustable, final pressure setting via arm
  • Hydraulic opening damping and visual closing force display
  • Can be used for right / left doors without adjustment
  • For fire doors (with mounting plate)
  • Accessories: Arm with mechanical hold adjustable between 70 ° to 150 °
  • Variants: Closing delay, adjustable closing delay of up to 30 sec. (TS 4000 S)