EL-558 Engine lock Hi-O

Trap and bolt lock for wooden and metal doors, where high security is required

The bolt is controlled in connection with an external encoder (locked / unlocked). The bolt is maneuvered by means of motor power. At a short impulse, the bolt is inside for 1 - 15 seconds, which is adjusted in the control unit. A long impulse means that the lock does not lock until the impulse signal ceases and the door is closed.
The lock is predominantly electrically controlled so that the lock automatically locks after use of cylinder or passage time. The trap is activated (operated) with a door handle. The lock case must be installed with the control unit, which is included in the package.
The lock can be fitted with a single cylinder and a knob or double cylinder.

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The lock case can be supplied with 12-24VDC and 12VAC. The opening speed is less than 0.9 sec. It is possible to connect a backup card to the control box. This means it is possible to decide whether the lock case should lock or unlock in the event of a power failure. Maximum distance between lock and control box: 15 meters

The lock is delivered without end plate 4632.

Hi-O for stands for "Highly Intelligent Opening" and is a concept for door environments that simplifies installation or upgrade and at the same time ensures an intelligent and efficient diagnosis, service and maintenance, just as with Hi-O ™ you have the opportunity to achieve the highest possible security.

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