EasyTouch, Model 903 Bluetooth Ready Code lock with card reader

10 new powerful features!

  • Now with card reader, 3 cards included.
  • 3-point mode. If the lock is in 3-point mode, the door remains open until the handle is lifted.
  • Automatic light on the keyboard when the tablet is touched.
  • Universal with reversible handle.
  • New slim design, only 45 mm wide.
  • Prepared Bluetooth. With this function, the lock can be opened from the mobile without the use of codes.
  • Is ready to mount, both on three-point lock cases with oval and drop cylinder. On oval cylinders, the lock can be mounted using existing holes in the door.
  • Quick locking from the inside with the constant open function activated.
  • Safety update of lock cylinder. The lock cylinder has now been given an extra pin compared to the old model.
  • Security update of the locking body. The locking body has been reinforced with an extra hardened stainless steel plate.

A smart sliding cover over the keys makes the lock very elegant to look at.

With EasyHome the lock can be made on-line! It has long been desired from the market to have the ability to remotely assign codes to a door. Especially companies with rental of holiday homes or rooms, such as smaller hotels, inns, hostels or the like. Several major booking companies have already opted for this solution. For private, e.g. being able to see who comes and goes in the home has been a wish. With EasyHome, the lock is made On-line and you get the option to remotely control the lock, with countless functions. Find more info about this here on the website or by contacting us at +45 70237032.

If the lock is in 3-point mode, the door remains open until the handle is lifted. Ie. one can freely walk in and out the door without the use of code. When you then leave the house or go to bed in the evening, you lift up the handle and the door is ALWAYS locked with the flasks out. This means that you keep the guarantee on the door and get an even better and more secure locking of the home.

Door requirements: Minimum 25.5 mm. from the center of the door handle hole (handle), to the frame on both sides of the door. On a few narrow doors, 70-80cm and 8-10 cm thick, in some cases up to 27 mm must be used.

Technical data:

Exterior dimensions: 18.4 cm x 4.5 cm x 2.8 cm
Internal dimensions: 18.4 cm x 4.5 cm x 2.8 cm
Batteries: DC 1.5 V AA 3 pieces
Dynamic power consumption: <200mA
Static current consumption: <10 mA
Access time: <1 second
Number of users / codes: 1,000
Number of users / cards: 1,000 Mifare Classic
Emergency entrance: With key
Working temperature: -35 to +50 degrees
Operating humidity: 20 to 80%
Waterproof: IP65
Gross / net weight: 2.35 / 1.45 kg
CE approved
White Black

Price Dkr

You save: 1.998,00
Availability: Out of stock
Model: EA903COMBO

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