ED 100 / ED 250 is the latest generation of hinged door automation, developed by DORMA.

ED 100 / ED 250 is an electromechanical automatic door. Opens by means of an electric motor and closes by motor power and spring or spring alone.

As the market changes and the areas of application for door automation become ever larger, the requirements for more functions will increase. DORMA meets these challenges and sets new standards for door automation with ED 100 / ED 250.

Versatile functional area Construction

ED 100/250 is based on a modular structure. The automation that is best suited for the task is selected. Then choose BASIC cover for single doors, with the option of expansion to extended VARIO cover for both single and double doors. Upgrade card, can be selected if there are special wishes or needs for additional technical functions. ESR mechanical synchronization for installation with double-leaf fire doors is another option. By combining the individual modules, the door automation required for the task is built up exactly. Possibility of further upgrade / expansion if the future places additional demands.


DORMA has emphasized that the new ED series must cover both today's requirements and be prepared for the future. DORMA ED 100/250 is designed to meet the high safety requirements of the future and meets DIN 18650. DORMA ED 100 / ED 250 can be used for fire doors according to DS / EN 1154.

Wind load control

The ED automation is particularly suitable for exterior doors that are exposed to varying wind loads, and for interior doors between rooms with different air pressure. When the system is in automatic mode, the wind load control monitors the speed and keeps it constant at the set value.

Power Assist function

The power assist function of the ED automatic can be activated while the door is in shutter mode. As soon as a user opens the door a few degrees, the servo function is activated to support the manual opening and automatically adapts to the preset closing force when the door is actuated manually.

Therefore DORMA

All commissioning, adjustment, programming and service can be done directly on the control using pushbuttons, without the use of special equipment.

Field of application

  • For single- or double-leaf swing doors
  • The pull version with slide channel and the push version with standard arm are both suitable for use on fire and smoke doors
  • Thanks to its low- and fullenergy versions, the system is suitable for automating both rarely and heavily frequented internal and external doors
  • High torque for fully automatic swing doors with radar motion detector actuation