Dorma floor pump BTS80 silver normal

Model: DA1523800000
Barcode: 4021226016398
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Dorma floor pump BTS80 silver normal

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Dorma floor pump BTS80 silver normal


Rust-protected steel, with cement box made of galvanized steel plate (adjustment option
between door closer and cement box - this space should be filled in damp spaces
with packing compound. Universal for right, left and revolving doors. With stop
(constant hold), which automatically holds the door when the door is opened manually
steplessly in the range between 75 ° and 180 ° (the constant hold can be easily disconnected). Without
engaged constant hold, the door is self-closing from 180 ° and has at the same time adjustable
closing delay from 0-45 sec. in the range 180 ° - 75 °. The opening brake from 85 ° and
upwards dampens the recovery of the door. Interchangeable plug shaft is available in 13 lengths.
Universal cover plate (for right, left and revolving doors) made of stainless steel. All
adjustments are made under the cover plate. * With weak spring for especially light
or narrow doors. * * With strong spring for especially heavy or wide doors. By
use of electric end plates or quill hinged doors that act as
stop doors, continued shaft loss 3 ° is recommended. For exterior and interior doors up to 300

Function and adjustment ranges for door closers:

1 = Fully controlled closing speed.

2 = Holding area or closing delay area (approx. 75 ° to
105 °).

3 = Setting range for hold or closing delay (approx. 75 ° to
105 °).

4 = Mechanical opening damping (from approx. 80 °).


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