Door handles in different materials

New door handle? Then you have landed in the right place. Low-cost locks sell a wide range of door handles. You will find the handles in all sorts of materials such as brass, stainless steel, plastic and bakelite, copper, bronze and chrome. Just as you can also discover several kinds of designs, designs and sizes of door handles. We have something for every style and need - whether it is for the door outdoors or for the one inside.

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Designer door handles from well-known brands

We have more than 60 years of experience in locks and securing the home. Therefore, we can also say that "We have the best brands" - when it comes to handles for the door. These include stylish design handles from Arne Jacobsen, as well as from the popular brands RUKO, HABO and Kyner Messing.
Discover, among other things:
- Brass door handle for the very classic and elegant look
- Chrome or steel handle for the modern and simple look
- Black door handles for the rustic and Nordic decor
- Copper handle for a unique and modern look
- Door handles for e.g. elderly or disabled housing
You will find door handles for every style. Remember that we both sell handles for use inside the home, as well as handles for outdoor use on your exterior doors.
There are often the little things that make a huge difference when they come in place. If you are missing some nice door handles, then you have come to the right place. At we have a diverse selection of door handles, and you can choose between different designs, so you can find some door handles that suit your home and your wishes and needs.
Whether you just want to give your interior a fresh breath with some new door handles, or whether you are facing a completely new interior design of your home, you can find some nice and different door handles at a really reasonable price.

Always door handles at low prices

There are many doors. Therefore, it should not cost a fortune to renew your handles for the door. Low-cost locks always have good prices, and with us you will find smart handles for modern new buildings, as well as for more traditional homes. In addition to the low prices, you also get other benefits from shopping with us. These include:
- 14-day right of exchange and return
- Free shipping on purchases over DKK 500.
- Fast processing of your order
- Large selection from quality brands
Low Price Locks is a well-visited shop, and we have more than 60,000 completed trades. This just testifies that you can shop safely with us. In addition to competitive prices, we have many satisfied customers who return to us repeatedly.

Many high quality products

With us, low price and high quality go hand in hand. No compromise here. We have selected the door handles from the absolute best brands on the market. At the same time, we can offer them at a very advantageous price. Do you have questions about any of the products or materials? You can always contact us for advice and guidance. Our customer service team is always ready to help you further.
Order the door handles today - and complete the modern, classic or elegant look in your home!

If you go for a simple style or a more decorative look, then you can find some door handles that suit your desires. We have a wealth of door handles with us, and you can choose between RUKO door handles, HABO door handles, Dorma door handles, Kyner Brass door handles and fittings and more - so the options are many, and I wonder if you can find some door handles in the desired style .

You can contact our customer service on tel. 70227206 between 8.00-17.00, if you have questions about your order.