Professional Dahua monitoring equipment

The Chinese brand is the world leader in video surveillance. It is an incredibly innovative brand with high quality functional products. An obvious choice to secure your home or business premises with. Here in the shop you will find a large selection of video surveillance equipment from Dahua. We have just what you need! Camera in bullet or dome version, various equipment to mount these with and hard disks to store your video material on. Do you need help? You can always contact us if you have questions about the products from Dahua.

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Model: 7885120111
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Dahua Security is a leader in video surveillance

With a Dahua camera, you can feel more secure in everyday life. Video surveillance often scares many burglars away. And those who do not allow themselves to be intimidated are instead caught on video. With security equipment from this brand, you get high quality surveillance. In our selection you will find models from Dahua with 2 megapixels or 5 megapixels, and the cameras are also equipped with micro SD memory. With an NVR from Dahua, however, you can connect several surveillance cameras and store the videos from them here. That way, you have all your monitoring material gathered in one place. The NVR models are available with up to several TB hard disk, which means that there is room to store video material over a longer period.

You will also find various equipment for mounting your cameras. It's everything from extenders and junction boxes to wall brackets.

Order online today and feel more secure

Buying and installing video surveillance in your home or business has never been easier. In our online shop you can easily order your desired equipment from Dahua. Not sure what type of camera or hard drive to choose? Then you can always contact us. We are Denmark's leading online shop within locks and surveillance - and definitely have just the camera or equipment you are looking for!

Contact us if you have any questions

We have several years of experience with locks, security and surveillance equipment. You can therefore always contact us if you have questions about any of the products. We will help you well on the way to finding just the video surveillance equipment you need. Also remember that when ordering for min. DKK 500, and we will deliver your order free of charge. Also, never wait too long to receive your video surveillance equipment. We ship 90% of all orders the same day you order!