iRISCO App for iPhone / Android for Iconnect 2 (When purchasing central)

With the iRISCO app, you have the opportunity to access your alarm via your mobile.

You can largely operate your alarm center.

-Connection / disconnection
-Read log
-See photos taken with PIRcam
-Take snapshots with PIRcam
-Watch live streaming from IP cameras (not recordings, they can only be seen on )
-Disconnect zones (eg in connection with battery replacement)
-Control outlets (eg turn on heating in holiday home, open garage door, etc.)
-Manage users (do not create users, this is also done on )
-See problems (eg low battery)

Price Dkr

Availability: Out of stock
Model: Myelas
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iRISCO Connect for iPhone / Android to Iconnect 2

For customers who also buy their iConnect 2 exchange at

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