Iconnect 2-way Remote control El-4714

Iconnect 2-way remote control round

This 2-way remote control is designed for use with the iConnect control panel. The EL-4714 is a four-button
hand transmitter that offers a variety of features including arming, disarming and assault alarm.

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Model: LM5707157463034
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• 2-way 66 bit encrypted, SecuriCode ™ FM technology, 868 MHz

• Four push buttons
• Five functions: ful, part & perimeter connection, disconnection, Home Automation
on / off and assault alarm
• LED transmission indication, also flashes at low battery
• 2-way version includes status display
• Compact design: 44mm diameter x 14mm

Technical specifications:
Power supply: 3V Lithium Battery, Type CR2032
Power consumption: 16mA (transmission), 0.2µA (standby)
RFI Immunity: According to EN 50130-4
Working temperature: 0-60 ° C
Dimensions: Ø44mm x 14mm
Color: White

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