CC Lock 4

Our CC Lock 4 is easily unlocked like a regular front door with a single turn of the key.

CC Lock 4 gives your container optimal security. The lock has been developed based on more than 30 years of work and experience with containers and associated locking systems. As well as based on customers 'and the insurance companies' wishes for a secure locking.

Approved SSF 1051 in class 5 certificate no .: SC0167-16

  • Cylinder on the outside of the door is protected in strong housing
  • Locking is located on the inside of the door, which makes it difficult to access even with a powerful 220V angle grinder - and almost impossible with a battery-powered angle grinder

Technical data

  • Outer left bracket measures W: 100 x H: 150 x D: 50 mm with cylinder, mounted with two M16 threaded rods, which are protected with hardened pins
  • Outer right bracket measures W: 115 x H: 150 x D: 50 mm and is made of powder-coated aluminum, and mounted with two M16 threaded rods, which are protected with hardened pins
  • Internal left bracket measures W: 145 x H: 150 x D: 50 mm and is made of Thick Layer Chromatized steel 52 and fitted with lock case
  • Internal right-hand bracket measures W: 100 x H: 150 x D: 50 mm and is made of Thick-layer Chromatized steel 52
  • Weight 12 kg
  • Comes complete with Abus cylinder, three keys and key card as well as lock washers and nuts. The lock can be fitted with another standard oval cylinder
  • Fits standard ISO container with door thickness of 50 mm and is available with longer threaded rods for doors and double doors with thicker door
  • Mounted in about 30 minutes by drilling five holes (Ø19) with a hole saw
  • Opens and closes only with the use of a key, just as is the case with an ordinary door

Assembly step by step

  1. Make sure that the container is relatively straight before mounting and find the desired height for mounting
  2. Install the drill bit, which is included with CC Lock 4
  3. Drill five holes with Ø19 hole saw or 19 mm drill
  4. The doors are opened and the brackets on the left door are mounted. NOTE! The lock must be in the locked position. The carrier is guided in place so that it engages with the internal bracket, after which the parts are screwed together
  5. Cut 1.5 x 15 cm from the outer rubber strip to fit around the left bracket
  6. The lock is unlocked and the right brackets are mounted
  7. The doors are closed and the locking function is tested. If necessary, adjust the brackets, which must be vertical to the container - both outside and inside. The distance between the outer brackets must be 10 mm
  8. Finally, the nuts are riveted or welded. Note: Riveting, welding or otherwise blocking nuts is a requirement in Classes 3-5
  9. Always keep the key card in a safe place, as this is necessary when ordering new keys. Also save the BOM drawing that comes with CC Lock 4, as this must be used when ordering spare parts.

It is extremely important to follow the installation instructions, as incorrect installation can cause insurance companies to evade compensation.

CC Lock 4 is easy to install - even for unskilled staff. Assembly time is approximately 30 minutes.

It consists of CC Lock 4

  • 1 piece. outer bracket to the right door
  • 1 piece. inner bracket to the right door
  • 1 piece. outer bracket to the left door
  • 1 piece. inner bracket to the left door
  • 4 pcs. nuts and locking rings
  • 3 pieces. keys
  • 1 piece. key card
  • 1 piece. drilling theory

You will need the following tools when installing CC Lock 4

  • Drill
  • Hollow saw Ø19
  • Wrench 24 mm
  • Hammer for riveting threaded rod

Price Dkr

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Model: SE-040001
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