Burg Wächter safe HomeSafe H210

Safe with double-walled cabinet and fire protection material in accordance with DIN 4102-A1.

Locking with round bolts. Anchoring floor.

Space for horizontal A4 ring binder. Adjustable shelf.
Approved according to the German VDMA standard in class B. The lock is approved according to the German VdS standard.
Available with key or electronic code lock
Exterior dimensions: 278x402x376mm
Internal dimensions: 209x336x294mm
Weight: 30kg
Volume: 20.6l

Key lock with 2 keys in total Electronic code lock

Price Dkr

You save: 604,27
Availability: Out of stock
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Security Level B: The Home Safe for Your Home

A BURG-WÄCHTER furniture safe from the series Home-Safe (security level B) is optimally integrated into furniture pieces . Thus, your valuables are well hidden and protected from theft. From the test portal Vergleich.org , the home safe in the safe test was awarded a very good grade(1.3).

The safe offers proven security against theft . Here you have the choice between two sizes as well as a mechanical lock and an electronic number lock. The smaller variant H 210 offers an interior volume of 20.6 liters, the larger H 240 comes to 45.3 liters.

ECB • S-certified number lock SecuTronic

The proven and easy-to-use electronic number lock SecuTronic is EN 1300 ECB • S-certified (Class A). It offers a million real setting options. Mittels eines individuellen 6-stelligen Codes ist das Schließen und öffnen there Tresortür bequem und vor allem sicher. The version E includes three batteries, so you can use your furniture treasurer with SecuTronic as quickly as possible. Please note that the lock fitting is 19 mm. Of course, both models H 210 and H 240 are also available with key opening. The armored security double bar lock SecuSafe is VdS-tested (Class 1) and EN-certified according to EN 1300 ECB (Class A).

Classic design, storage space in folder depth

Double-walled security

The construction of the home safe is double-walled. Also besonders widerstandsfähig gegenüber Äusserer und gewaltsamer Einwirkung. Furthermore, the furniture insert storage unit is equipped with fire protection material in accordance with DIN 4102-A1 and a revolving fire pit. The interior space with folder depth and an adjustable specialist floor provide enough space and allow for organized accommodation. The classic and simple design is timeless and harmonizes with almost any piece of furniture.

Possibility of anchoring against violent exploits

Integrate your Home-Safe cabinet travel into a piece of furniture without any problems. Because that's why we designed the safe series! For the anchoring option, the safe in the back wall and in the safe bottom is each equipped with two diagonally arranged bores. These ensure an optimal and unshakable attachment . Thus, the treasury, along with your valuables, is not used inadvertently.

The home safe by BURG-WÄCHTER. The right solution for the safe and responsible storage of valuables.

The furniture safe Home-Safe by BURG-WÄCHTER

  • Security level B according to VDMA 24992, status May 1995
  • Fire protection material according to DIN 4102-A1
  • Useful as a closet travel
  • Double walled
  • With orbiting fire pit
  • Locking by round bolts
  • Possibility of anchoring in the back wall and in the floor. Each two back wall and bottom bores are arranged diagonally
  • Interior with folder depth

Version S: Mechanical lock with key

  • Armored security double bar lock SecuSafe
  • Nine arrests and one million different closures
  • VdS-tested (Class 1) and according to EN 1300 ECB • S-certified (Class A)
  • Locking is done by strong round bolts
  • Serial with two keys

Version E: Electronic lock with PIN code

  • Proven and easy-to-use electronic number lock SecuTronic
  • According to EN 1300 ECB • S-certified (Class B)
  • One million real employment opportunities
  • Individual 6-digit code for closing and opening the safe door
  • Battery included
  • Lock fitting is 19 mm

The Home-Safe Treasures at a Glance

Article Outside H x W x T (mm) Within H x W x T (mm) Door opening H x W (mm) Weight (kg) Content (l) Locking system
H 210 S 278 x 402 x 376 209 x 336 x 294 209 x 326 30.0 20.6 Mechanical lock
H 240 S 528 x 435 x 382 440 x 350 x 292 440 x 345 49.0 45.3 Mechanical lock
H 210 E 278 x 402 x 376 209 x 336 x 294 209 x 326 30.0 20.6 Electronic lock
H 240 E 528 x 435 x 382 440 x 350 x 292 440 x 345 49.0 45.3 Electronic lock

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