ABUS Supersmart Alarm Box

Model: AB82364
Barcode: 4003318823640
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Black Blue

An ingenious little alarm box, you can mount it on everything from the bike, wheelbarrow, garden tractor and even the scooter, only the imagination sets limits.


  • Alarm function with min. 100 dB for 15 seconds, then automatic connection.
  • 3D position detection detects influences and small movements in all dimensions and triggers an alarm.
  • Intelligent alarm - after short or small movements e.g. from a football, etc. the lock gives a short warning signal
  • Incl. CR2 battery
  • Secure mounting on the bike

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Nature. no .: 82364
Article group: 04
Carrier: mounting material incl.
Dimensions: 18/56/84 mm
Weight: 370 g
color of facets: black
color of facets: blue
design color: blue