Abus chain lock 8077 / 12KS120 Detecto Black Loop MIX COLORS

Model: 19005
Barcode: 4003318190056
220.40EUR  Incl. VAT
( 176.32EUR  Excl. VAT )
268.79EUR  Incl. VAT
You save: 48.39EUR
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Black Blue Red Yellow Orange

Mix the colors yourself, usually this only comes with YELLOW lock, we let you freely choose the color of the lock you want :)

Disc brake lock from ABUS with automatic position determination and motion-activated alarm.
The built-in alarm in the ABUS 8077 Detecto is three-dimensional, which means that the alarm is triggered when the built-in automatic position determination detects a new position or angle. The alarm is activated automatically on the brake disc four seconds after the lock's pin engages, and as an extra precaution, the activation is marked with a clear beep. When this control sound has sounded, both the lock and the automatic position determination are activated, and from that point on, the sensor's built-in sensor will respond to all movements regardless of angle or direction. Now the thieves have really bad cards on hand, because if the lock is tampered with, or an attempt is made to remove the motorcycle, the lock's sensitive motion sensor will immediately react to the changed position, and sound the loud alarm of 100 db. sounds for 15 seconds.
When the alarm sounds, the position of the lock will automatically set and be ready again after four seconds. If, against all odds, an attempt is still made to remove the motorcycle, or the lock is tried to be straightened up, the sensor will again trigger the alarm, and then it will continue until the thieves give up.
Thanks to the built-in LED light in the key, the lock is also easy to operate when it is dark.

ABUS 8077 Detecto has a dual function. With it, you never risk having the brake discs and front fork broken, because you forget the disc brake lock, because as soon as the lock's sensor detects that the motorcycle is taken off the stand leg, it will loudly remind you of its existence.


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