Finished cut Key Bravus 2000

If you order locks, you can order the extra keys you need here.

Note discount when buying more keys.


If you order Keys for the order you are about to place

Just put the keys in the basket and we will take care of the rest.


Do you order extra keys for a system you already have:

When you order these, send a picture of your key card to

It is important that if you order keys for an existing system then you must write the profile from this system below.

B082E for system purchased from us

B035E for system purchased from STARK

  • Buy 3 and more for 99,00 for each
  • Buy 10 and more for 89,00 for each
  • Buy 50 and more for 79,00 for each
  • Buy 100 and more for 69,00 for each
  • Buy 500 and more for 59,00 for each

Price Dkr

Availability: Out of stock
Model: AB5008568_2
Barcode: 4058391140221

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