Yale Smart Living Sirene, exterior

Model: RU924861
By: Ruko
Barcode: 5052847082430
145.83EUR  Incl. VAT
( 116.66EUR  Excl. VAT )
177.84EUR  Incl. VAT
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Product properties

Yale Smart Living is a security system with smart, secure and connected devices that allows

  • to keep an eye on the home, eg see photos and video as needed
  • get notified in case of irregularities, eg in case of fire or burglary
  • make changes via a smartphone, eg open up to craftsmen

Yale Smart Living is controlled via an app on a smartphone or tablet, without compromising security. Yale Smart Living security system can be expanded by up to 40 units per. hub.

Technical specifications

  • 868 MHz, a frequency that operates with clear signal and little interference
  • 104 dB, at least 1 minute
  • Connects to Yale Smart Living hub
  • Wireless and easy to add
  • 4 pcs. D batteries included
  • -20ºC to 50ºC
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