Model: RU925005
By: Ruko
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Product properties

The new Yale Doorman L3 is safer than ever. It has got a more modern design and new smart features. You can control locks via the Yale Access app on your mobile with BLE technology. This means that you can easily activate automatic locking, hand out codes or let guests in, and at the same time you always have an overview of all activity. Read much more at yalehome.dk

Technical specifications

Door thickness
• From 40 mm to 88 mm

• 4 x AA alkaline batteries

• With code, key or mobile

• Standalone - programmed via the keyboard
• Via BLE - the door is opened via the Yale access app in your mobile
• Remote - the lock communicates via Yale Connect Bridge, which connects to your WiFi

• Brushed steel

• Encrypted communication between all parts of the lock,
• Approved SSF 3522 in class 3
• AN approved
• IP 55 (outside)

Connect to Wifi:
Watch Video here

Install the Yale Access APP:

Watch Video here

See how to install the Lock:

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Unlock with mobile

You can unlock your door either with your mobile, a code or a key fob. The choice is yours, so now you never have to carry keys again. You can activate automatic locking so you can feel completely safe. Also, you no longer have to worry about whether or not you remembered to lock the door.

Create individual codes

Now friends and family members can have their own individual code for your home. You can also make timed codes for eg the craftsman or the cleaner. Then you have full control over who has access to your home.

Mobile bell

Now you do not have to miss a delivery again. The Yale Doorman L3 has a built-in bell that gives you notifications directly on your mobile. Then you can close the bid and lock the door again afterwards. The perfect solution for you who want both convenience and safety.

Our safest lock ever

The combination of digital encryption and robust mechanics makes the lock our most secure smart lock ever. The Yale Doorman L3 has both an SSF and an EN approval.

Easy to install

Security does not have to be complicated. You can either have one of our dealers install it for you, or you can install it yourself with the help of our installation video, which guides you step by step.

Welcome to a smarter and safer life.

Long battery life

Photo of a 9-volt battery to recharge the Yale Doorman L3

The batteries in the Yale Doorman L3 last for approx. 1 year. When the batteries have approx. one month of life left, you will be warned. Should you unexpectedly miss the alarm, you can unlock the Yale Doorman L3 from the outside with a 9 volt battery and a code. You can always come in again, even if it runs out of power.