RB2622 Box lock with cylinder and end plate, black with shiny chrome cylinder

Product properties

As an extra lock for doors whose construction does not allow the installation of a inserted lock. Complete with accessories and cylinder.

Pull the latch into the lock case with a knob or wrench.

Technical specifications

RB2622 is particularly suitable for thin doors and for doors where an extra lock with an internal twist handle is required.
The lock is complete with outer cylinder. The outer cylinder is provided with hardened pins in the cylinder housing and drum. The bolt is equipped with 2 hardened pins, which secure against sawing, so the lock is extremely well protected against attack.
The cylinder is available in glossy chrome. Box lock and end plate are made of black lacquered steel plate, bolt of glossy nickel-plated brass.
Supplied as standard for inward-facing doors.

Approvals and markings

The cylinder meets the requirements according to DS / EN 1303: 2005 6/2, which are used by the insurance companies.


Before using the lock for the first time, it must be lubricated with ASSA ABLOY lock spray. ASSA ABLOY recommends that the lock is then lubricated at least every six months, to ensure that it always works optimally.

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