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  • 3 options for unlocking: code (6 digits), key chip or remote control
  • Remove or add key tags easily and quickly
  • Up to 10 key tags can be registered per. lock
  • Up to 10 user codes can be registered per lock
  • A key tag can be registered on 6 different locks
  • Up to 5 remote controls can be registered per lock
  • Menu with Danish voice guide
  • 3 optional sound settings: loud, low or silent
  • Possibility of automatic locking (optional)
  • Option for optional (4 digits) 24-hour code (24 hours)
  • Low battery warning
  • Emergency opening from the outside with external 9V battery
  • Emergency opening with twist handle from inside.
  • Codes, key tags and remote control are stored during battery change
  • Burglar alarm (80dB).
  • Possibility of outdoor safety (deactivation of internal torque handle).
  • NB: Outdoor security should only be used when all persons have left the home!


    Complete locking unit, containing:

  • Exterior long sign with door handle and keyboard
  • Inside long sign with door handle, battery box and knob handle
  • Lock case
  • Drill protection
  • Safety end plate 1487-2
  • 2 pcs. door handle sticks (different lengths)
  • Screws and accessories
  • 4 pcs. AA batteries
  • Manuals
  • 3 pieces. key tags


    NB: Remote controls are purchased separately! See more at www.yalelock.dk


    Exterior and interior elongated powder coated silver with UV protection. Lock case, post, trap and bolt in zinc-treated steel. The outdoor unit is tested and approved for IP55 The unit is tested and approved for fire EI30 Temperature range: Interior side: 0 to +50 degrees. Exterior: -25 to +70 degrees.


If you have problems with your lock, contact your local Yale Doorman Center, you can see a list of these here www.yalelock.dk

RUKO has entered into a contract with all these centers to run the local complaints regardless of where the lock was purchased.

Defects caused by the product are paid for by RUKO A / S.

Defects due to incorrect installation are paid for by the customer.


We assemble on Zealand, Copenhagen and Lolland Falster.

Check out the area we drive in here https://lavpris-laase.dk/laasesmede-arbejde-211/

We always make reservations for the time of installation so we can gather several tasks on the same day in the same area, so if you live in the outlying areas, you may well risk up to 14 days before we are in your area.

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