GB floor box for embedding

GB Fuse box / floor box
Theft protection is the strength of this closet! Used primarily in private homes, where an affordable but certified theft protection is desired. The fuse box defines the consequences of a burglary.

The cabinet is designed for casting, door & handle, etc. protected by casting frame with lid, on top of cabinet.

The cabinet is made of 4 mm steel plate with extra securing of the vital parts, i.a. drilling protection in manganese steel, explosion protection, securing of hinges via back seam.
Theft protection
SSF3492 approved + SKAFOR blue tested. This means that the cabinet can withstand attack with mechanical tools for more than 28 minutes.
The cabinet is prepared for 4 x bolting to the bottom of the cabinet
The cabinet is delivered with a safe lock incl. 2 keys, with can also be delivered with electronic code lock.
• Color: RAL 9010 (fashion white)

Key lock with 2 keys in total Electronic code lock

Price Dkr

You save: 749,37
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Model: GB
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External Inside
Height: 405 mm 260 mm
Width: 450 mm 442 mm
Depth: 370 mm 360 mm
Weight: 45 kg
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