EL-572 Engine lock

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Product properties

Engine lock without control box For wooden and metal doors in companies and institutions where high security is required, but only feedback is required for 'bolt locked'. Fall and bolt lock. The bolt is controlled in connection with an external encoder (locked / unlocked). The bolt is driven by motor power. Fixed opening time of 5 sec. At constant impulse, the lock is unlocked. The lock can be fitted with a single cylinder and a knob or double cylinder.

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Technical specifications

Motor lock without control box 24V DC with feedback bolt out. Mandrel size: 50 mm. Temperature range for lock box: -20 ° C to + 60 ° C. Modular voting SIS 817383. (ordered separately)

  • Final plate 4632 incl. magnet

  • Connection cable EA211, 6 meters or EA221, 10 meters

Approvals and markings

Registered with F&P in grade [5-1-1] according to EN14846. Tested and approved according to EN14846 [3, S, 5, E, -, L, 5, 1, 1]