Abus Fire Alarm Button

Model: ABFUAT50020
Barcode: 4043158057768
140.34EUR  Incl. VAT
( 112.27EUR  Excl. VAT )
155.93EUR  Incl. VAT
You save: 15.59EUR
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The wireless fire alarm button is a module for Secvest alarm (or for Terxon with a wireless expansion module). At the touch of a button, you can easily and quickly trigger a fire alarm. As the zone type on this is "fire", the alarm is always activated, regardless of whether the alarm is switched on or off. In addition to the acoustic alarm, you can configure in the Secvest panel that a call must be made to an alarm center. Like other devices for Secvest, this one will of course also trigger a sabotage alarm in case of vandalism. With the right batteries (3V lithium), the wireless fire alarm button has an expected life of approx. 24 months.

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