Iconnect 2-way Water detector EL4761

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Model: LM7885102294
Barcode: 5707157466479
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2-way wireless water detector

The water detector uses microprocessor based signal processing to provide
early warning of water leaks. This compact and robust device is ideal for use in
basements or near air conditioners and sinks.

• 2-way 66 bit encrypted, SecuriCode ™ FM technology, 868 MHz
• Small size: 65x30x16mm
• Front sabotage
Data transmission: alarm, tampering, low battery and monitoring

Technical specifications:
Power supply: 3.6VDC ½ AA Lithium Battery
Power consumption: 25mA (transmission), 40µA (standby)
RFI Immunity: According to EN 50130-4
Working temperature: 0-60 ° C
Dimensions: 65 x 30 x 16mm
Color: White

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