Conlan Mykey CP1000 PIN and Proximity

Conlan Mykey Cp 1000 PIN and Prox
Combined PIN and Prox from Conlan in the Mykey series.
Modular built to fit FUGA frames and modules.

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Pin code

Get rid of keys and cards, and open one or more doors with your own personal code. Access control with PIN code is our best-selling product. The code keyboard is built with a capacitive touch that provides optimal comfort and durability - the keyboard responds to the energy from your finger and does not wear when used, as there are no moving parts under the keys.

In addition to your personal code, you can use day codes and one-time codes if you need to provide special access for a limited period. Read more about day codes and one-time codes.


Access control with Prox Reader works in many ways like an old-fashioned key lock - you need your transponder or your card to open the door. However, there are a few significant benefits to using digital access control with Prox Reader rather than key lock:

  • Newer transponders can not be copied as an old-fashioned key can.
  • It is possible to delete users even if you cannot get their transponder or card back.
  • You can find out who has been in the building when.

Our Prox readers can read Atmel, Emarine and Mifare, among others.

Stand Alone

Stand Alone systems are our specialty. In short, Stand Alone means you do not need a PC connected to install and program your access control. Stand Alone is therefore the right solution for most smaller systems where you do not need a larger control panel.


All programming - creating, editing, deleting users - takes place directly on the reader. You can have several installations that work with the same codes, cards, fingers, etc. You can also connect the access control with your alarm system, as all our readers have two outputs. If you need to program many readers with the same information, you can simply program a single reader, transfer the information to a Mifare / DESfire card. Afterwards, you can put the information on the other readers simply by holding the card up to the reader. Read more about cloning readers.


If you want access to a log of who has used the access control and when, you can connect our LogBox. When you need to read the log, simply take the LogBox from the access control and connect it to your PC, where a small software program displays the last 10,000 logs.

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