2622 Box lock with bolt without cylinder

Model: RU923022
Barcode: 5708538100340
98.51EUR  Incl. VAT
( 78.81EUR  Excl. VAT )
120.14EUR  Incl. VAT
You save: 21.63EUR
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Product properties
Extra lock for doors whose construction does not allow the installation of a inserted lock.

Pull the latch into the lock case with a knob or wrench. Supplied without cylinder (use RG1601, 1601, 5201 etc. depending on safety level).

Technical specifications
Bolt lock with 23 mm bolt projection in one turn. The bolt is equipped with 2 loose hardened steel pins that prevent sawing.
Glossy nickel-plated brass bolt. Lock case and end plate of black lacquered steel plate. The lock is supplied as standard for inward-facing doors.

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