AZK-PLUS AZOR Pre-programmed kit with GSM transmitter

Model: 45105
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AZK-PLUS AZOR Pre-programmed kit with GSM transmitter

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AZOR PLUS GSM - Wireless mini alarm system Contains:

1 x AZOR Central unit with GSM / GPRS transmitter
1 x AZ-10D Wireless PROX Reader
3 x AZ-10P Wireless Motion Sensor
2 x AZ-10M Wireless Magnetic Switch
2 x AZ-10T Access Pads

AZOR is very simple to operate for the user - on the card reader there are two symbols (open padlock and closed padlock).
To switch on the alarm system, press the symbol with the padlock closed and the access card is displayed - the exit time starts with a beep and the red light comes on - the system is switched on.
Azor starts the entry time automatically when the entrance door is opened and the alarm is deactivated by pressing the symbol with the open padlock and displaying the card.

The alarm system can be controlled from a mobile phone. The control panel recognizes the numbers dialed and a voice message is sent - First AZOR will tell you if the system is on or off, and then a voice menu will sound:

"" To switch on, press 1, to switch off press 0 "". When a key is activated, AZOR will execute the command and tell about this "" executed "". Simple and easy.

AZOR can be delivered as 2 packages - AZOR-START and AZOR-PLUS. These packages can be expanded with the desired number of detectors (up to 10 in total).
Up to 10 users can operate the system, each user can be assigned an access card and access by phone (also password for the menu).
Alarms can be sent to 10 different telephone numbers and at the same time send alarms to the control center.
If an alarm is triggered, an alarm will first be sent to the control center, then an SMS will be sent to the user. If SMS is not detected, the system will call the user.

In the event of an alarm, the system has a built-in microphone so that activity in the room can be listened to.

The system is wireless and has an effective range of approx. 100 meters in open area. It continuously monitors communication between the control panel and the detectors. Normal life of the batteries (standard alkaline batteries) is approx. 1 year.

Changes to the system setup are made from a PC which is connected with the included USB cable.

Built-in power supply 5 V 2.5 A max.
Back-up battery 3.7 V / 2.2 Ah / LI18650
Battery life about 5 years
Frequency 433.92 MHz