EA288-1 Split door handle pin for magnetic locks EL480 and EL580, 47/50 mm

Model: RU982145
By: Ruko
Barcode: 5708538779782
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Product properties
For magnetic locks with split handle drop tube.

Can also be used for EL460, EL560 lock cases with Din / vær cylinders, where handle adapter from 9x9 to 8x8xmm is used

Can be supplemented with Heso quill screws for extra relief of door handles

item no. 982145
C: 40 - 54 mm, A: 47 mm, W: 50 mm

item no. 982146
C: 47 - 66 mm, A: 57 mm, W: 50 mm

item no. 982147
C: 61 - 80 mm, A: 67 mm, W: 60 mm

item no. 982148
C: 66 - 80 mm, A: 74 mm, W: 50 mm

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