ABUS 713 40 mm Padlock "PRICE BASKETS"

A good quality padlock from ABUS at some really good prices

Closing 7141 Closing 7142
  • Buy 12 and more for 28,00 for each
  • Buy 48 and more for 27,00 for each
  • Buy 96 and more for 26,00 for each
  • Buy 192 and more for 25,00 for each
  • Buy 384 and more for 24,00 for each
  • Buy 768 and more for 22,00 for each

Price Dkr

You save: 24,00
Availability: Out of stock
Barcode: 4003318055195
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Now you can get a Padlock from ABUS at prices similar to the cheap Chinese padlocks.

It just does not get better and cheaper.

ABUS quality, Chinese prices.

2 keys are included for each padlock

Select new system to get the same key for all locks

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