Note that with the new system, we recommend using ZOLIT or Bravus for Private and VITESS for business.


ABUS Deltus Y14 High Safety Cylinders is fully a safety cylinder on a par with other High Safety Products.

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Model: APF00001
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Model: APF07356
  • Mat Chrome
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Model: APF05804
  • Mat Chrome
  • Brass
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Model: AFP08067
  • Stainless Look
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Model: AFP09233
  • Stainless Look
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Model: APF06234
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Model: AB5003062_2
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Model: AB82231
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Model: ABAPF01165
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Y14 Deltus cylinders are the latest development from ABUS. The cylinder is approved according to DIN EN 1303, DIN 18252 and ISO 9001: 2008. Intellitec system D detector. This stops the key in the correct position so that pins are at the point of intersection.


If a tampered key is used where the tip of the key has not been cut for Intellictec, the key will not be stopped in the correct position, which means that the cutting point is not correct and the cylinder will therefore not be unlocked.


In addition, intellitec consists of a locking system which means that the key cannot be turned around if the original key is not used.

Curved profile

System Y14 Deltus has a curved profile which makes it very difficult, if not impossible, to dig up the cylinder or open it in another unauthorized way.

The special curved profile further provides a very high security against key copying.


Abus cylinders have a drum with a diameter of 14 mm. This allows for more code jumps and thus larger locking systems. More than 900,000 different lock combinations can be made per. profile.


Y14 Deltus can be combined with side pins if you want a higher level of safety.

System Y14 Deltus can be delivered as a locking system, single-closing groups or different-closing. At the same time, it is also possible to have the system delivered as service cylinders, where the locksmith codes the cylinders himself.

Patented until 2030