Yale Adjustable Drop Cylinder

Model: RU924986
Barcode: 5052847109496
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To be used with Linus for Drop Cylinder.
Can be adjusted in length to fit most doors.


Product properties

Depending on which cylinder is in your door, you may need another cylinder to make it compatible with Linus® Smart Lock.

Linus® Adjustable Cylinder is guaranteed to work with Linus® Smart Lock.

There is no need for you to measure your door, as the adjustable cylinder is designed to expand to fit your door exactly.

Make the Linus® Adjustable Cylinder the same length as your existing cylinder using appropriate external and internal spacers.

See the next page for more information on what makes your existing cylinder compatible.

Technical specifications

  • Internal cylinder lengths: 30mm minimum - 65mm maximum, with 5mm size increase
  • External cylinder lengths: 30mm minimum - 60mm maximum, 5mm size increase
  • Standard: EN1303
  • Classification code: 6 1 - B - C 5 A

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