Yale Doorman Long Sleeve Sets - WITHOUT LOCK BOX VERSION 2N

Model: RU924842
By: Ruko
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To upgrade from Version 1 and 2 to V2N, use these signs.

or as spare parts

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Yale Doorman is an electronic lock, which is used for exterior doors in a house or apartment where there is a desired lock box that is operated with either a code, remote control, Mobile phone (optional) or electronic key tag. Completely dependent on individual needs.

Same sign for both Multipoint and Singlepoint.



  • 3 options for unlocking: code (6 digits), key chip or remote control.
  • Remove or add key tags easily and quickly.
  • Up to 10 key tags can be registered per. lock.
  • Up to 10 different user codes can be registered per. lock.
  • A key tag can be registered on 6 different locks.
  • Up to 5 remote controls can be registered per lock.
  • Menu with Danish voice guide.
  • 3 optional sound settings: loud, low or silent.
  • Possibility of automatic locking (optional) - the handle must be raised to lock!
  • Option for optional (4 digits) 24-hour code (24 hours).
  • Low battery warning.
  • Emergency opening from the outside with external 9V battery.
  • Emergency opening with twist handle from inside.
  • Codes, key tags and remote control are stored during battery change.
  • Burglar alarm (80dB).
  • Possibility of outdoor safety (deactivation of internal torque handle).
  • NB: Outdoor security should only be used when all persons have left the home!


Yale Doorman long set, containing:

  • Exterior long sign with door handle and keyboard. Dimensions etc.: H: 290, W: 46, D: 23.2
  • Inside long sign with door handle, battery box and knob handle. Dimensions mm: H: 290, W: 64, D: 37.
  • Safety end plate 1487-2.
  • 2 pcs. door handle pins (different lengths).
  • Screws and accessories.
  • 4 pcs. AA batteries.
  • Manuals.
  • 3 pieces. key tags.


    Exterior and interior long-shielded powder-coated silver, white or black with UV protection. The outdoor unit is tested and approved for IP55. The device has been tested and approved for brand EI30. Temperature range: Inside: 0 to +50 degrees. Exterior: -25 to +70 degrees. Door thickness: from 40 mm to 88 mm


    Lock box is NOT included, must be ordered separately.

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