Traka Touch L-Series 180 unlocked keys

Traka Touch is an electronic key cabinet with touch screen, from which all key administration is performed. The locker is programmed so that only authorized users can extract the keys to which they have rights. Can be included in existing access control system.

Traka Touch is without software. It's 'Plug & Play' - just need power, then it's ready.

Traka Touch can be delivered both with unlocked key slots and with locked key lists.

Traka Touch can be opened in several ways, as needed:
• optional PIN code (default)
• finger scanner (optional)
• magnetic card (optional)
• RFID tag, non-contact. (optional)
• own external reader for existing access control system.

Technical specifications

L-series with max capacity of 180 key slots.
Weight 100 kg. H 1920, B 605, D 150 mm
Associated control panel H 313, W 258, D 120 mm.

Price Dkr

Call for price

Availability: Out of stock
Model: RU948792
Barcode: 5708538335667
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