Trailer lock With class 5 padlock.

Model: Trailer + Cisa
221.12EUR  Incl. VAT
( 176.90EUR  Excl. VAT )
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This set is approved by Byggeriet's insurance service

The insurance conditions BFK 5003/5004

You get 1 Trailer lock Lockit and 1 Bolt lock CISA.

See the fuse catalog here:

Fuse Catalog111.pdf

Note, now comes with holder.

An Original Trailer Lock is attached directly to the coupling device of the trailer or caravan and locked with a padlock. The trailer lock is made in 5 mm. thick electrically galvanized steel with special hardened safety bar - this makes the lock incredibly solid.
The trailer lock's unique and patented construction, shields for overcutting the padlock, which ensures optimal locking. As an additional accessory to the trailer lock, a practical modular series has been developed, which with its many different options is particularly suitable for a stationary attachment of your trailer or caravan. ( See accessories).
The trailer lock is delivered without a padlock, as this is optional. An ordinary padlock can of course be used.
If you want the same key for a trailer lock, house, garage, shed, etc., a type of padlock must be used, which can be included in a locking system.
The trailer lock fits most coupling devices, but not swing couplings.




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