Locinox door lock electric FAIL OPEN 40 mm

Model: LEKQ40U4
Barcode: 5414768025048
423.58EUR  Incl. VAT
( 338.86EUR  Excl. VAT )
470.65EUR  Incl. VAT
You save: 47.07EUR
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Locinox door lock aluminum for 40 mm frame electrically
With LED
Fits fri 40 - 60 mm pipes
Adjustable + 20 mm

Electric lock with aluminum housing and stainless steel mechanism.
If the lock is under power, the handles are blocked and a red LED confirms blocked handles.
The 20 mm continuous adjustment options of the bolts allow a perfect adjustment of your locking mechanism.
A solid stainless steel roll of 23 mm guarantees a secure locking.

Voltage: 12 V AC / DC
Current: 0.3 A
Loss of power => Lock will release the buttons (not open)
Blocking or releasing rotary knobs
Joint indication: blocked rotary knobs
Easily switchable from left to right replacement of self-locking bolt
23 mm adjustment of locking pawl with 1 turn of the key
Key operated self-locking bolt
Adjust the bolts up to 20 mm continuously without removing the box
4-hole fastening with two Allen screws
Center distance bolts: 60 mm
Interchangeable with all Locinox locks
Locinox door lock
Material: Alu
Locinox: With LED light,
Locinox: 40mm
Pal: Adjustable + 20 mm
electric LERQ40 U4

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