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SALTO locking system

The SALTO system is an electronic locking system that is flexible and functional with obvious benefits for the user:

  • Existing locking systems and lock boxes can be used
  • Can be combined with existing locking cylinders
  • Can be mounted with architect-designed door handles (including Arne Jacobsen and d line)
  • The building does not need to be wired
  • Identification media as required (Key tag, Chip card or Contactless card)
  • No expensive installation costs
  • Danish installation and user manual

The SALTO system is a user-friendly access control system that provides flexibility, security and daily user comfort.

Most companies today have a lock system based on keys. Every time a key is lost or changed, cylinders in common doors must be replaced or changed. New keys must subsequently be distributed to anyone affected by the shift or cylinder changeover. This is costly and cumbersome.

For interior doors, the focus is on flexibility, control and ease of use.

  • Electrical blocking of door handles
  • Adapted to all types of Scandinavian module lock cases as well as European DIN lock cases
  • Supplied with or without mechanical cylinder
  • Vandal-proof, as the electronics are mounted on the inside of the door
  • Cordless system powered by three standard AAA Alkaline batteries with up to 60,000 doorways
  • Fire tested and approved at ½ hours fire resistance
  • Stores up to 1,000 events

Salto Access Control gives you freedom of choice

  • Possibility of connection to SALTO Virtual Net
  • Traffic data is stored on the medium and can be updated automatically in the administration system
  • Saves the doors' battery status on a card or key fob
  • The administration system ensures fast coding of the medium
  • Easy and fast coding of cards
  • Quick and easy deletion of lost card or key chip
  • Freedom of choice between chip card, key chip or non-contact media.

Administration system

The programming and administration of an access control system is as important as functionality and design. This makes the maintenance and daily use of the system easier and more efficient.

To meet all needs, SALTO has developed an administration system that can be used by anyone with basic PC knowledge.

For hotels, a special administration system has been developed, which i.a. includes fast check-in combined with access control features. The hotel version can be integrated with booking systems.

There are two versions of both types of software:

  • Professional software
  • Departmental software

The main functions enable changing time zones for each user, loading traffic data from the doors, changing the status of the doors, assigning guests their access cards and monitoring the users' progress in the company.

Our primary focus is to reduce administration time. For this purpose, SALTO Virtual Net has been developed. Using the SALTO Read & Write (read-write-memory) technology, the locking devices can not only read information but also output data.

Virtual Net is an additional option when having online readers.

Virtual Net ensures data exchange and optimal access control for the doors that are not connected to a PC-based access control system.

Some of the benefits of Virtual Net:

  • The devices' battery status can be stored on users' or guests' access media.
  • Lost or stolen media is deleted from the system by simply visiting the door unit with an updated media.
  • Information is automatically sent to the administration PC, and the medium is updated by online wall-mounted card readers, which can be placed in several strategic locations.

This means that Virtual Net can be controlled from anywhere in the world - the ultimate solution for an unmanned access control system.