Yale Safe, Fingerprint Reader

By: Ruko
Barcode: 5052847107904
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Medium Big Laptop

Product properties

The maximum security.

Fingerprints secure gives you security and convenience and easy opening using your fingerprint and the ability to store up to 100 fingerprints.

Access not only with fingerprint sensor but also a PIN code or mechanical key so you can enjoy the convenience of three different opening options

Technical specifications

Access to fingerprints and the ability to store up to 100 fingerprints

• Anti-drill plate and laser cut door for maximum security against attack

• Lock down for one minute after three incorrect attempts Additional features:

• Motorized locking mechanism with two anti-lock bolts (20mm)

• Maximum security mechanical over-ride lock that includes 1 bit key

• PIN code access

• Automatic door opening

Clear LCD keyboard display

• Interior light for easily visible content

• Internal hooks and shelf for keys or small items

• Must be mounted securely with fasteners on a wall or floor

• Protect documents, jewelry, keys or other valuables


  • Exterior dimensions: 250x350x300mm
  • Internal dimensions: 240x337x230mm
  • 16 kg


  • Exterior dimensions: 200x480x350mm
  • Internal dimensions: 190x467x280mm
  • 18 Kg


  • Exterior dimensions: 400x350x340mm
  • Internal dimensions: 390x337x270mm
  • 22 Kg


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