Master Lock T0-331 safe

Model: DA1645506088
Barcode: 71649283383
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1,491.16EUR  Incl. VAT
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MasterLock T0-331 Safe w / electric code lock (95.8x55.1x50.2 cm)
Master Lock T0-331 safe
Exclusive safe in a nice design and finish. With electricity code and emergency key. Easy to install. Door plate thickness 6 mm, wall thickness 3 mm Can be bolted, bolts included. Colour Black. Incl. 3 shelves. Space for 15 ring binders - Supplied without batteries.
External dimensions: HxWxD 958x551x502 mm Internal dimensions: HxWxD 928x520x359 mm
Weight: 108.9 kg - Vol .: 173.2 liters

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